Chinaleap Smartpad M2...what do people think ?

It's sold under other names too. It's supposed to be RK2818, but Chinaleap historically has been downright deceptive with their fake specs.
do you mean the "1.2GHz" CPU (600+600Mhz), which i call a "clever" marketing trick ;) ? or will there be some real fake specs ?
btw: which other names ?
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In Chinese it actually advertises the following BS for the M2:
150 hour standby, 8 hour continuous use
TRIPLE CORE CPU (600MHz+600MHz+2/3D Acceleration)

Oh and it's 1980RMB, ~300US. That's more than the Archos 70/101.
yeah, i know...all thats marketing fuzz ;( btw: apple also claims 12hours usage while i usualy get just half of it (and this is with gps,3g etc off)

btw, for 300$ i wouldnt even think about the unit, but i actualy got a quote from them which is a lot less then the mentioned 300$,

anyway, thx for your answers...they are realy apreciated!