Chinese (Irulu X10 Rockchip 3028) Tablet Stability Probs


Junior Member
Jan 16, 2015
OK, so I've got an Irulu 10.1" X10 (Rockchip 3028) tablet that I rooted using Root Genius. Since the root it's been experiencing 'stability' problems. Sorry, but I don't know how else to describe what's happening...

I'll go into an app and it will run for a while without a prob. Then (pop) it will drop back a step or two like it's attempting to reset the app. Even if I'm not in an app it will drop back a step or two in whatever I've been doing.

For instance, if I go into the apps drawer it will display the choices properly then just drop out and go back to the home screen. If I'm in Play Store doing a search it will drop out of the search and go back to the main screen. Or it I've got the KB active it will drop out of the KB and I'll have to start it again to finish typing the line.

Have no idea what's wrong so would appreciate any help that can be given on suggestions to fix the problem. FWIW, I can't unroot it and start over again for some reason - Root Genius doesn't work, nor do any of the other methods I've tried to get it back to stock and start over again...

Thanks in advance for your help, Vern