Cnm Touchpad 9 - low on space, disc space storage problems


Nov 16, 2012
Hi there,

I'm new to this forum and hope that someone might be able to help me. I've actually just had a chat with a Technical IT bod but he himself was a bit stumped and says he needs to see the tablet to try and work out the issue so I'll post the issue and see if anyone else can help.

So since buying this tablet I've downloaded one book and 4 or 5 applications and thats it, no photos, documents, emails!. Then a few days ago an icon came up at the bottom of the screen saying "low on space Tablet storage space is getting low). When I went to goople Play store both on the tablet and on my PC and tried to download something (Was App Messenger), a box came up saying Error: Insufficient storage space. Hardly!!! Funnily enough I was able to download a couple of things but not others including this particular app.

So I bought a micro sd storage card (16gb), stuck that in. Sorted my apps into size order and moved across the stuff that I was able to move across (i.e. the stuff I'd downloaded) onto the sd card. But its made absolutely no difference. The stupid icon is still there and I still cant downlaod apps I want from Google Play. When I ran through the storage space figures with my friend he said it sounds like I had plenty of free space. HELP!!! Oh and when replying please take into account that you are talking to a complete novice who up until 2 weeks ago thought the only type of tablet was the one you swallowed with a glass of water!! Thanks in anticipation.

I have seen some apps (like free wallpaper apps) that add a low disk space notification even if you don't have it.

I would start by uninstalling g any free apps you don't need.

Also, grab the app DiskUsage. It gives a good representation of where your space is being used.
Agh really thats interesting, I wonder why they do that. And yes it has been mostly the free aps I've been downloading. But how come I've still got that icon at the bottom of my page. I'll try uninstalling some of the free aps and download that diskusage ap sounds good. I'll report back. Thanks for your advice.
Some apps have sneaky developers who make a notification to annoy you. Same type of people who write viruses for computers. If you click on the notificaiton, it may take you to some app to clean space out on your tablet.

In my experience, when I am running low on space I have NEVER gotten a persistent popup. What I will get is a notification that an app could not be downloaded or installed due to insufficient space, but nothing from the OS that would stay in the notifications like that.
So I've installed that and it basically says under the app storage tab: Data 1007MB, Apps 230 mb, System data 725 mb
Under the storage card tab: Stogage card: 15084mb, Lost Dir KiB, System Data: 32kb, Free space 15083.
I'm confused - that reading would suggest that I haven't moved anything to the storage card but I have!!!

Then the mnt/sdcard - 5839 mb, apps, 70.9 mb, data 53.3mb, ststem data, 25.0 mb, free space, 5679 mb, Dailymailimages, 58.3mb
oh and it regularly says Launcher is not responding
Would you like to close it?
Wait OK
It is as bit hard to tell, but it looks like your free space is 5679 mb, which is most of your device.

I would bet you have an app causing issues. If you do not care about the apps on your tablet, I would do a factory reset and when signing back up for google play be sure to UNCHECK the restore checkbox or it will install the same app causing issues.

The other option is to uninstall apps one at a time and hope it goes away. It could be installed with a free app, but to run without the app and may remain. I would strongly lean towards a factory reset, but you will lose all data on your tablet. Just copy it to the external card if you want to save any music, pictures, documents, etc.

And after seeing your reply about the launcher, even more strongly urge the factory reset....