Coby 9742 upright recovery and fake recovery.


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Nov 8, 2011
I was making a cwm recovery for my new DK C30 cell phone, and like the 9742's cwm recovery it turned out upside down, I was able to modify the source code to fix my phone's recovery to make it 180 out or flipped. I then ported that fix back to which is the latest version I use on coby tablets, the port was successful. So now a right side up recovery full install and a right side up fake recovery is available for download.

I suggest testing the fake recovery first as it's only a session recovery, it wont install, it works just like a full install recovery except it is gone on reboot flash, if you like the fake recovery and want it installed permantly, then flash the this is full recovery, it will remain after reboot.

Fake Recovery

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Feb 10, 2014
"9742 users can download a ClockworkMod recovery image from this thread. This recovery is available as a flashable zip that can be flashed using the stock recovery." I missed this the first time around. I guess this is the significance of "signed". Since I intend to install a custom ROM on this particular tablet, I could have simply flashed this CWM recovery and then the (rooted) ROM, rather than rooting first then installing CWM recovery. No harm done, just some extra typing, but most folks would not have ADB setup and running on a handy desktop computer. Now they won't need it; CWM recovery and therefore custom ROM now available without ADB or another computer, how cool is that? Vampirefo, you have come through for us once again, thanks!

Edit: I just got yet another 9742. Newegg has a fresh stock of refurbs, and for well under $100 you just can't beat these things. I'm sorry to report that I could not flash this upright CWM recovery with the stock recovery; I just got a signature verification error (whole file). Well, I had been wanting to try KingoRoot on the 9742 anyway, and it does work. I like it because it automatically installs SuperSU. Anyway I then extracted the recovery.img file from the .zip with ES File Explorer, hooked up ADB, and:

adb shell
cat /mnt/sdcard/recovery.img > /dev/block/nandg

Tha-tha-that's all folks, upright CWM recovery installed and working fine. Next thing of course is shoot a Nandroid backup, and as reported, this version is faster than the older ones, quite a lot faster. Sure, this is a virgin system, with not much installed on it, but it took about 2 minutes for a full backup.

Minor note: the first time you send an "su" command in ADB shell with SuperSU, you need to watch the tablet screen to grant SU permissions via the dialog box; otherwise it fails.
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