Coby Kyros 9740 problem


Jun 11, 2013
Hi , can someone of you tell me where I can find a stock rom of the coby kyros 9740 tablet in an .img file?
I've only been able to find a lot of ''dumps'' but I can not use them, my tablet is stuck on the boot logo :/
could someone tell me how I can find a stock firmware image in. imgfor the 9740 to flash the tablet with livesuit?


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
Stock ROMs in an image file do not exist for the 9740. If they did you wouldn't find them in the Generation 3 forums as rooting is done using a safer method. However, it's critical that a system dump is made before attempting to modify your tablet. Since you're looking for a LiveSuite ROM, you must have skipped the "make system dump" phase and went straight to tinkering with your tablet. You then did something to it that rendered it unbootable, did not have CWM installed, and did not have USB debugging on to be able to connect the tablet to the PC.

As you can see, this happens frequently. In your case, you need to exchange your tablet as there's no way to talk to the tablet.