Considering the NOOK Color!? :D


Feb 21, 2011
Well I am still considering which tablet to spend my money on and I was thinking of the Coby Kyros MIS7015, but I'm reconsidering my buy now that I've discovered that the NC can run Honeycomb and at a price of only about $60 more than the Kyros. I just have a few quick questions about a NC running Android Honeycomb. :)

1. Do you have full access to the Android Market? I want to be able to download the exact same apps as I can on my DROID X... >.>

2. How easy or difficult is it to root the NC and add Honeycomb? I've been looking for methods to do it with not much luck, so maybe you can add a noob-friendly method of adding Honeycomb to the NC... :)

3. If possible, leave a little feedback of the NC running Honeycomb, if you're using it. Please include both the positives and negatives. xD

Thank you ahead of time for your answers and advice. I'm really stumped when it comes to which tablet I want. >.<

I can't comment on the use of HC yet since i have only had my nook for 24hours. However, I have rooted it (really easy using that video) and installed Nookie Froyo got all the apps i need. I returned the MID7015 I could not get back to the store fast enough after touching a nook color. ITS AWESOME. fast sleek and great developement. the kyros is lacking still but has some potential. The nook has better specs and screen and is sooo much faster!

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Feb 10, 2011
Don't hesitate, Go. Buy. One. Read this Forum Root. Whooooppppeeee!
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Jan 13, 2011
OMG!!! Didn't they convince you yet? If not, let me tell you... .I'm so bad with technical stuff that I was ready to pay somebody to root my nook for me. I'm glad Rico convinced me (too long to tell you how )to do it on my own because that's the best part of any rooted nc... ,it's "more" special because you made it, it didn't come like that in the box. Wellcome to the forum and enjoy your nook color!