Convert video for ideal playback on Nookcolor?


Dec 22, 2010
I have a pretty huge collection of videos, all different types, mostly divx/xvid, some h.264. So far, none have worked well (if at all) on this device. I have no problem converting them for use. Has anyone found the secret sauce for quality playback at reasonably size for this device. Ideally I'd like to keep the original dimensions (within nook's limits) and transcode.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

PS - if there's a better video player than the Nook's built-in, that's another way to go.
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When I try to download the studio software it says unsuccesful download.

Duke are you downloading the studio software to your windows PC? Convert the files on your PC, then drag them over to your unrooted Nook thru your USB connection.
Try Rockplayer
Thanks for the tip. I tried it, but it wasn't great. Wouldn't play the xvid's with the hardware support, and software was slow, skipping more frames than not. I'm going to try "Any Video Converter" next....

Thanks again!
Downloaded free any video converter, and it worked great. Used the following settings:
I found that mpeg4 was faster at encoding than h.264 though both produced quality results at 900 kbps. If the video is wider than 720px, then resize. Worked great in native nook player.
download any video converter (free)
- input = pretty much any video
- ouput container = .mp4
- video: codec = mpeg4 or h.264, bitrate between 600 & 1200 (I chose 900), original frame size (unless original vid is wider than 720)
- audio: codec = aac, bitrate = 128, sample rate = 44100
Lol, I guess I am out of my league here, thanks for your patience. What is avc? I used 1200 by 600 mp4.
Lol, I guess I am out of my league here, thanks for your patience. What is avc? I used 1200 by 600 mp4.
Argh...Sorry! AVC = Any Video Converter. :) Free Video Converter - Any Video Converter Free Version - convert video to any formats, avi to MPEG, avi to MP4, flv to MPG

I think you got the 1200 from "bitrate" above, which affects how much compression is used. But since the screen resolution on the Nook Color is 1024x600, you'll need to pick a smaller size and give it another try. Tell me what the resolution is of the video you're trying to convert, and I'll suggest a size for AVC!