Delete apps wanting update in Google Play?


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Apr 9, 2014
Fairly new to tablets. When accessing My Apps on Google Play there's a long string of apps I don't use, and have no interest in updating, which I have to scroll through...mostly the pre-installed Google ones (Drive, Skype, etc)... to get to the relevant ones. Is there a way to delete or archive the unwanted? I've turned off Notifications for these in Settings but that's had no effect. Thanks for any suggestions, feedback...or redirection if this has been addressed elsewhere.
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Some of those apps may be disabled, not without a warning that it may have an affect on the operation of the tablet. That won't keep them from being listed in Google on the WEB site but it will stop them from being listed for update on the tablet.
Thanks for the reply. I should've mentioned I'd previously disabled some of the same apps, noted the warning...which caused major anxiety (given my naivete)...and then my tablet appeared to crash/reboot. For having done a handful of apps no way to know which might be the culprit so proceeded to enable each and things were better. Perhaps, as with enabling/disabling browser add-ons to find which might be problematic, should I just do one at a time and wait to see what happens? My tablet didn't want to turn on this afternoon, wasn't recognized via the USB cable on my laptop, but is now back to working so am wary about doing anything that'll potentially make it unstable. Should I just leave well enough alone? It's just that all those apps take up a lot of real estate when scrolling on 7".
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That is one of the possible issues with disabling apps. Seems you found out the hard way. ;)

You need to be picky. ;);)
Picky, indeed. If I need to err on the side of caution to hopefully ensure a working tablet, rather than risk problems, so be it. Would be nice if there were a 'Remind me later' option to set aside apps which aren't currently in use. Thanks, again.