Disgo 6000 v2.2 Boot Problem FIXED


Feb 20, 2012
Got a disgo 6000 running 2.2 out of the box, that gets stuck on the Disgo screen.

Tried resetting (3 different methods) and it doesn't, it just goes to the Disgo screen.

method 1
Press on and hold the touchscreen, then press the power and menu buttons at the same time.

method 2
with device off

push power turn on as normal

Once you see the infotmic logo press and hold power and menu

When you see white text On the screen release power and menu

method 3
Try holding the Reset button on the back for a full 10 seconds. See if it will boot. If not try doing the "3 finger salute" (holding the power button AND the menu button AND touch the screen) to boot it... if it will go through the attempt to "recover" your tab it will still work if you flash it.

What else can I do?
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I have created a bootable SDCard for this, and the tablet does see it.

Now all I need is the correct zSYS.img file.

Managed to revive it.

Used disgo_12.

Used IUW and an sd card to flash it.

Installed and working.

Now showing kernel version

I don't know version prior to this
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