Disgo 6000 updated to DG2.20 (Android 2.2 "Froyo")


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Dec 26, 2010
Disgo 6000 updated to DG2.20 (Android 2.2 "Froyo")

As suspected the Disgo 6000 and Sylvania tablets are very similar devices.

Congratulations to "nofxsk8" who reports successfully updating a Disgo 6000 by following the http://www.androidtablets.net/forum...date-synet7lp-sytabex7-android-2-2-froyo.html using Alternate Step 4a - "Update from computer using USB cable and OTG Port"

Hi and thanks a lot for the information , links and tools :) - they saved my life

I bricked my Disgo 6000 with android 2.1 by rooting it and removing some file (apparently this should speed it up according to another thread I found).
Unfortunately I ended with a tabled that boots only up to disgo logo and stays there forever.
On the Internet there isn't much info about this device, but I found out that it similar to Sylvania
Ubuntu wasn't recognizing the dead tabled at all -> I switch to Win XP and while booting the tabled (black screen) it asked me for a driver .
Did a bit of research and found this forum
Downloaded the iuw1.1-english file and found a OTG driver in the archive.
Installed the driver , device was recognized - waited 2 minutes and it showed "communicating with PC"
Quite a good sign as 20 minutes ago I though this device is lost forever
I could not find out the HW revision , but I download the first file ( to give it a shot as the tutorial said (Only the corresponding file to "hwver" will burn the new update.)
Burned it , restarted - Taaaadaaa - It was alive again
Booting up with the Sylvania logo ,but the tablet is much much faster and more responsive with android 2.2

Other thoughts:
-OTG doesn't work as the author said (no biggie for me)
-Wifi seems to be disconnecting every now and then , but could be only my ...
-Auto orientation works - yeah :)

Hope this information is useful to other disgo 6000 users,that like to switch to 2.2 Froyo or have bricked the tablet somehow :D

Thanks again and keep up the good work

A few questions/comments/requests -

Can you confirm that on your "bricked my Disgo 6000 with android 2.1" when attempting "Apply a factory reset - (three finger method)" it Failed and that with the 2.2 update a "factory reset" can be applied?

Since the Disgo 6000 and Sylvania tablets can share firmware it would be informational to know where the Disgo 6000 gets it updates. From now on, a tablet updated with the Sylvania update will query the infoTM site for the Digital Gadgets version updates.

If a Disgo 6000 user running 2.1 could pull the "Settings.apk" and post it for inspection, the Disgo 6000 update location could be identified. A method for pulling this important file is detailed in http://www.androidtablets.net/forum...ablet-6000-hardware-version-settings-apk.html.

Once identified any updates could be reviewed so that we could possibly utilize the best of both the Disgo 6000 and Sylvania firmwares to create a hybrid ROM.

The Sylvania boot animation could also be replaced on an updated Disgo 6000 if a current 2.1 Disgo 6000 user would post the boot animation files. They could then be pushed to the tablet to give the original appearance.

Finally, the 2.2 update includes a feature to allow the WiFi to "Turn Off" when the screen sleeps thus increasing the battery life. This seems to have issues that WiFi doesn't seem to turn back on sometimes. There is an updated driver for the WiFi but it wasn't included in the 2.2 update. Here is the manual process to update but unsure if it will improve this issue. http://www.androidtablets.net/forum/sylvania-tablets/9883-odd-wifi-problem.html#post57846

Assistance by Disgo 6000 owners would greatly benefit the development of a customized update using the best of both devices features.
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Apr 9, 2011
Thanks for creating a new thread cfrockit , this should be very useful for people willing to update :)

Can you confirm that on your "bricked my Disgo 6000 with android 2.1" when attempting "Apply a factory reset - (three finger method)" it Failed and that with the 2.2 update a "factory reset" can be applied?
I didn't tried that out , but reading it - I'm almost sure that this would have helped as well :)
Anyway I love 2.2 and nothing can make me go back to 2.1

If you need any further information or anything else I'm might be able to assist , just let me know