do you think the Gen 8 tablets will be Great?

Oct 16, 2010
I've seen a few videos on the archos 70 and 101 and they look pretty good. Since I'm new to the whole tablet world i was wondering if they will be great for the money, since they dont cost a lot.

Thanks for any replies
Note: This is not sarcasm, but honest opinion (Gadgetrants and a few others may roll their eyes)

I think the Archos 101 will be the first true Apple IPad competitor. It will also be the device which will bring the Archos and Android Fanb0is together. I have not touched one yet. But have pre-ordered. Be aware, Archos, like Apple has a way of being totally driven by profit on the silliest things. (Existing Archos owners know what I mean by being charged for Codecs and the locking of the HD per unit) These units will be much better than the Home 7 tablet or the A5/A7 Gen 7 series. The Firmware and Android versions being locked back on 1.5/1.6 are real downers. It could do the 2.1 with ease.

Both have at this time passed the FCC tests as far as I am aware. Which is a critical milestone. This means they are being manufactured beyond demo batches. The 101 was originally to be on sale no earlier than Oct 15 and by November. I can only hope sooner than later. There is another board (in French) where a person has a 7o in possession. I would love to have that opportunity (hint, hint, hint) ;)

In the end, there will be three things that will make or break the 101 as a must have Android device.
1. Market work-arounds easy to apply and use
2. Reliable and robust delivered product
3. Available before Nov 15.
I could talk about features, but you can read about them at Archos.
If one of these are not made, it will impact Christmase buys and dilute selection
Archos needs to play friendly with Google. They have the hardware, but the software needs to be there too. Then we will all be happy.

Foxconn is supposedly making them. They should be alright.
I'm EXTREAMLY excited about the possibilities they offer. Very good price points for the entire hardware line up from the 28 to the 101 the only issue i have is the price dif between the 70 and 101.. the 70 should be a tad cheaper.. I was one of the Augen guinea pigs and yes i returned but i did enjoy the tablet but it just didn't compleatly fulfill my needs. I'll admit though that i do miss the tablet form factor. It's definatly where personal home computing is headed and Android is the prime OS to get the ball rolling in that direction.

Gurgle where did you preorder yours... i'm still struggling between the 70 and 101, any advice?

Waiting Anxiously..
The vendor I pre-ordered does not list it right now, but I can recommend CDW and Dynamism as I have done business with them prior
Search Results
Dynamism - Archos 101 Internet Tablet
The following lists it too with add-ons. but I have not done biz with them.
Mp3 Players and other Hi tech products

If given the choice of Dynamism vs CDW. I would choose Dynamism just by the support they offer. That support I reference was two years ago, but it was appropriate and timely.
After trying out the whole wyse pocketcloud thing on an ipod touch 2g, I got really excited about doing it on a 7 or 10 inch tablet! The tiny little screen and low specs on the ipod touch just couldn't do it justice. On another note, I'm very very extremely super picky. I want top of the line, best of the best. I've had issues with not wanting to settle for the archos 256mb of ram. but doesn't the newest ipod touches run on that? And it runs good, and smooth. The archos gen 8 tablets kick ass in all other aspects anyway. So 256mb of ram for the NOW and not worrying about the future, might just be enough. I still really want a Notion Ink Adam, but that one might not release until next year. And I'm just about ready to pull some hair out waiting for a good tablet. After trying the PocketCloud, i notice the youtube playback and video playback skipped and stuttered horribly on the ipod touch 2g. Does whatever device or tablet have to have certain specs to do youtube and video playback smoothly? Would a 1ghz processor and 256mb of ram be enough? Because after watching how smooth and responsive the Archos 70 was on this video by Charbax, I was convinced I might just setlle for one, but the 101 size instead. What are your thoughts?

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I saw that video yesturday it does look like it runs pretty smoothly and all. The 256 ram looks like it runs fine for the 7o, but apps for android dont take up a lot of ram if your not fully multi-tasking right? Or will it run out of memory fast.
I saw that video yesturday it does look like it runs pretty smoothly and all. The 256 ram looks like it runs fine for the 7o, but apps for android dont take up a lot of ram if your not fully multi-tasking right? Or will it run out of memory fast.
I am unsure. I've only dabbled with android briefly and still have no tablet for myself. I read on archos fans about some run out of space errors on the gen 8 tablets already though. Something or other like that. I really wish I could just go with a galaxy tab but they're too expensive. *sigh*
Media players, games, and browsers are the apps most likely to use a lot of memory. I think it's unlikely that you'll exceed 200 MB RAM for a majority of your use cases - Firefox with 20 tabs open just hits around 150MB for me on my pc, and thats about as intensive as multitasking gets. 256 MB RAM should be plenty. You'll also gain a feel for the limits of your device, and it will shape your habits.

I don't think RAM will be a big deal. The killer features for me are a smooth UI and capacitive touchscreens, and hackability. I love the idea of the tablet, and Android allows for customization and modding at any level. I'll be writing and using all sorts of software, so the whole package has me excited. The Archos 101 looks like it will be great.
is this also work wih usb modem? willing to know

One of the major features that I've noticed Archos touting about these gen 8 tablets is their ability to thether via USB and piggyback off of your smartphone's data plan (it says it on the product page and is already well documented in the wild from the early reviews I've seen), so in keeping with that, I can't picture any real issue with using a 3g modem with the 101- or even an ad-hoc Wifi connection (from feather ?5? Up to feather 13- I don't think the g/n radio in the 101 will read 14)

I'm personally counting on it, actually XD and if there isn't support right out of the gate, let's face it... the madding community will find a way; that's the beauty of Android o_O

***EDIT*** the 101 has b/g/n wifi, my mistake!
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