e-pad 10" Android from Made in China


Nov 27, 2010
I bought 2 of these Android e-pads and was concerned about delivery but they arrived after about 11 days (even though I paid for rapid FEDEX). They were reasonably priced (around $350 for 2 including shipping to the UK).
One of them, after a 10 minute use, no longer starts up. The e-pad logo appears after switching on, then a seated cartoon penguin appears in the top left corner then text with ANDROID and a flashing underscore bar. Hard re-set does nothing to solve this. I am now letting the battery run down as others have posted.
Any other suggestions. I have contacted Made in China which seems to be an umbrella organisation for queries with the individuals who are registered or selling through them. My queries regarding delivery were responded to pretty quickly so who knows, maybe I will get satisfaction from the seller.
Take a look at the site "zenithink usa" if it looks like that model you can try flashing the rom