Eken M001 Charger any UK ones with UK plug?


Aug 13, 2010
Did a search to see if anyone has asked this but didn't find anyone, sorry if i missed it.

Got a Eken M001 android 7 inch tablet for my wife who works nights and wanted it for the ebook reader, she did have issues with it crashing when wifi was turned on but the company we bought it from suggested a reset and sent us the firmware by dropbox and after installation alls working ok.

My wife is really pleased with it but one main niggle is the power supply as it works via an adapter which is like a uk shaver adapter and is wobbly plus the lead is a bit short.

Is there a charger adapter that anyone has used and works ok?

Make and model would be of help - not sure on polarity on these or could get a 9v 1.5amp charger.

It says on the power supply AC Adapter not charger so am a bit confused.
However there are a few chinese characters so maybe it may say charger in chinese?
Notice there is a polarity on the back of the chinese power supply so that makes it a bit easier.
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