Files On MID7048 Completely Disappeared


Junior Member
Nov 19, 2018
Lately my MID7048's internal storage would unmount if the device is turned off. Today, when the storage returned, it was completely empty. Is there any way to recover the files?


Staff member
Jun 16, 2012
On your PC, install Recuva. Connect the tablet to the PC and enable USB storage. Windows will assign a drive letter to both internal and external storage. Open Recuva, select the internal storage, and let it find your missing files. Select all the files and then select a location on your PC's hard drive. Let Recuva retrieve your files.

When Recuva finishes retrieving what files it can, head to Amazon and purchase a new tablet. Your tablet has a hardware issue, and if I were to guess, the constant heating of the motherboard from the processor has caused the internal storage chips to pull away from the motherboard, breaking the connection.

If Recuva cannot recover your files, there is nothing that can be done except purchase a new tablet.