Flash or Root my Orphandroid (but first tell me wtf it is.)


Jan 12, 2011
i was given an android tablet for xmas.
and i want to root it. as there is no market. and id like to overclock it a bit.
problem is cant tell heads or tails of which rom i should try..
ive tried all the one touch programs to root. and none of worked.
i did get z4root to make it seem rooted(evident by opening it back up after the reboot, it would say my device is rooted, and has an option to unroot, and it also made universal androot do the same thing) but when i tried run root explorer it was unable to get my root. and super user starts...but well it doesnt show anything for me to do..

and its one of these...


Model number: Generic
Firmware version 1.6
kernel vesion 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
build number WMT2.1.2_105

You have one of the many VIA 8505 Chipset inexpensive tablets. Sold under names like IRobot,Flytouch, APad,... It is fine as an e-Reader, picture viewer and basic web browser. It does not have the power to do anything but Simple MP3 processing and low end video. It is using Android Donut- 1.6 and the firmware is 2.6.29-00236. This places it as one of the newer firmwares for this device.
There are tweaks which can be found by searching. Look under the VIA forum and search for 8505 or similar. Hope that helps.
yea there isnt much to do with these. no one wants to touch em cuz they arent easily identifable. i opted to order the Coby Kryos MID7015 from HSN.com
actually not a bad deal 50 dollars ships it and they will charge you 50 dollars once a month for 3 more months
VIA WM8505 variant. I think you would have better luck in the Gome Flytouch subforums actually.