flashing firmware...question


Jul 30, 2010
i had to flash the firmware on my tablet cos i messed it up by putting it into hibernate...its been at "please wait" for a couple of minutes...the little blue taskbar thing isn't moving either. is this normal?
ok im going to cry...this is not working...it gets to upgrading file-system and then hangs. forever. WHY!!!!????? ugh.
Give it some more time and then if still nothing try reflashing or flash a different firmware
this is making me so sad. i was so excited for my tablet. i put it into hibernate and then it wouldnt come out of hibernate. it rebooted and then it wouldnt go past the boot screen...same thing, progress bar freeze. i was told by daniel at euogo to flash with new firmware which he gave me and i did, and nothing again. it gets to the upgrading file-system and then hangs.
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now i get the new android logo then it goes to a green square and does nothing. im going to try to letting it power down. i pray it works.
the flytouch/epad/iweb...so heres the deal. i had to let it die, completely drain the battery and then i was able to flash the firmware. i went to bed feeling super defeated last night, but i took probbies advice, sort of :) i just left it alone to do its thing, which ultimately meant it died because i didnt have it plugged in. i guess the way these things work is that they store the messed up boot info while its charged and when you turn it on and off its just creating some weird broken boot sequence no matter what happens. its kind of like a modem...you have essentially remove the power to get them to reset. gridwalker came up with this theory and i feel that he is right on the money, because just like him, i had to let my tablet charge down before i made any headway. once it was completely drained, flashing took all of 3 minutes easy breezy and now with the 1.8.2 firmware it runs super smooth, much better than before.

so for those of you who have this happen and freak out like i did....let your tablet rest and de-charge. once it wont stay on without it being plugged in, thats when you should flash the firmware. anything else, and you will be making yourself NUTS because it won't work. now for those of you who are saying that it wont come on when you push the power button (quick press, green light goes on then goes off but no screen) you have to hold the power button down for a few secs until it vibrates and turns on.

i hope this helps someone and saves them from android induced emotional meltdown like i experienced lol. i have a feeling this is the start of a beautiful love/hate relationship with my droid tablet.
Ya the battery drain is weird but it works... Glad it's all good now.
Can you please help me my flytouch is stuck on androidworld. how do i do a flash what do i need?? I have open up my pad so i can get the internal sd card.

I have bought i from eternal via alibaba.com
Simple question - How do I go about 'flashing the firmware' ? I know - it's probably in FAQ somewhere - but it takes so long to navigate around this forum.