flytouch 2 vs flytouch 2 with 512MB

Can anyone tell me the reason to root Fly Touch 3 to Z4root? Any benefit? FT3 is already an Android 2.2. Why?
Rooting is how you access the software that you wouldn't normally be able to access. This is mostly used to make changes to the operating system (i.e. software programmers.) You can also use it to remove factory apps that you don't want or need.

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I got mine from a whole seller that I'm going to use on eBay a She a friend. I'm setting up a package deal FT3/SP2 2.2, 512MB, 4GB, Keyboard, 4GB TF card. We are in the process of setting this up on eBay just getting pricing set with shipping included. It took 5-6 days for me to get mine and that included the weekend, DHL. Should note that my wife is Chinese.