Flytouch 2 WIFI problem..It crashes when I turn on the WIFI.


Feb 6, 2011
Hi guys,
My name is Nils and I´m new to this forum.
Anyway, I received my Flytouch 2 yesterday and it worked fine untill I tried to turn on the wifi. When I turn on the wifi in wifi-settings, the system shuts down and goes black.
When I try to boot up again, the only thing that happens is that I see the green screen and then the earth surface. It´s after the earth surface thingy that the system shuts down again. When I do a factory reset, the pad works again, untill I try to enable the wifi, then it breaks down again and I have to the procedure all over.
I have tried to upgrade the firmware to deb-r2.1.1568 (it had deb-r2.1.1561 from the supplier). But it doesn´t help.
Has anyone had this problem before me?