Dec 26, 2010
Has any one been able to install 2.2 on the tablet without sylvania updates? just wondering if it would be worth a try to root and install it myself?


Nov 24, 2010
it's not quite that simple. you would have to build it from source and considering the source from our tablets hasn't been released yet it would be extremely difficult. you would have to do kernel work and various other things and build it from the SDK 2.2 most likely. and once you had it built you would have to come up with some way to flash it to the tablet. we have no working recovery or any method to flash any .img or anything like that. we are at the mercy of the OEM which is infotmic.

Digital gadgets has promised froyo in multiple CS e-mails. but no hard date for it yet.

good luck getting them to respond i have calls into Sylvania and DG along with e-mails pending regarding a source request and have heard absolutely nothing from them about it since 12-18. I also have contacted them about my broken screen to see if replacement is possible with no response yet other than that they have created a ticket for my issue.