DG2.20 installed from SD card


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Mar 1, 2011
Now I have a question regarding the update to 2.2 Froyo on the express model EX7. After the update is the rotation sensor working?

Mine didn't start working after the 2.2 update. But System info apps say there is an accelerometer in the EX7! I think its missing the TURN ON option in the settings.


Aug 1, 2011
Quick question. I was attempting to use the terminal emulator on my unit when the power cord got caught under my laptop and pulled the unit out of my hand. Now the lcd screen is cracked on the lower right hand side. Everything still works with the exception of the android keyboard - it is freaking out and selecting almost anything but what I want. Apps and such, you just select to the side and they are opening. Does anyone know if the separate keyboards that they sell for the epad/apad on ebay would work with this one? I think that it is not returnable since it was my hands that didn't hold onto the thing. Although it should be able to handle a 4" drop straight down. Looking forward to still working on this little baby. Have found some apps that allow me to do things from the laptop. Or can the usb cable be attached to the laptop and the unit and then I could control it from that keyboard?

my hubby's tablet had a bubble which looked like a water drop, very tiny under the screen...the keypad was selecting by itself, so I took the screws off the back, thinking I could remove water from under the screen...well as i was pushing it back together,cuz, I found nothing I could get too.. I noticed if i applied pressure to the spot, it was gone, so I took band-aid and put them on the case to hold it with correct tension..6 months and it is still going..even though it looks like it has bo-bo's.