Frozen at Start Screen


Jan 18, 2017
-I have a couple of these because for the price, you can't beat 'em. However -

One has hung-up at the start screen. I contacted Hisense and the rep said he would send me the bootable flash files. Then I got an email saying I was out of warranty - tooooo bad. How helpful.

-I've downloaded a bunch of ROM(?) files from this site - most in the 500MB range; one at 59MB. I tried booting with the 59 - errored. I can't seem to understand the procedure, or if I have the correct files (or what the hell I'm doing).

[ROOT/STOCK ROM] Hisense US/UK Sero 7 Pro Root & Stock ODEX/DEODEXED ROM'S

I downloaded about all of the links from this page, but clueless what to do with them.

ps - I copied them to a microUSB and it did try to boot - but something is failing.
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