Sero 7 Pro stuck on "android" or "Smart" during boot.


Junior Member
Dec 7, 2014
I have a Sero Pro 7 stuck on a screen I don't recognize. Just the word android with a highlight cycling from left to right. Originally I was stuck on the Smart screen, then did a factory reset. After the reset, booting goes to the hisense screen, then this android screen. Has anyone encountered this? Thanks in advance. I apologize if this is posted in the wrong place; I'm new to the forum.

I got it running for a while, but thought I'd try shutting down and re-starting and I haven't been able to get it running again. Have reset it several times. I get different results when I attempt to start, sometimes the Smart screen forever, once or twice the Android screen, right now it seems to want to show the Hisense screen for a while, then blank, but not off. If I hold the power button it will shut off all the way, getting just a little darker.