FWIW - one noob's first attempt at auto-nooter.....b&n 1.1/a-n 3.0


Feb 10, 2011
Well, being a "dive right in kinda guy", I rooted my new NC within minutes of arriving home, fresh from B&N, and Fry's for a mini SD and reader.

So following the great posts here and at nookDevs:

I charged, initially booted, DL'd & installed the 1.1.0 upgrade - so far so good.
I DL'd the win32diskimage, and the auto-nooter 3.0.0, put the image on the mini SD - check
I powered down the NC, installed the SD, and plugged (USB) the NC into the PC - now we're cookin'.
After a few moments, I get a boot and an android image - so far so good.

Here is where I lost understanding.....

I was able to take out the SD and run through the wizard(?), but couldn't reconcile the screens with the instructions. (admittedly, I had/have limited understanding of SoftKeys).

So, I see the softkeys, but when I try to use them I get "unable to run as root" messages. I poke around for a 10-15 minutes exploring, registering my gmail, etc. Eventually, I get a dialog box from softkeys asking if it can run as root. Once I ok that, the soft buttons seem to work fine.

All's well, then, in the end - reasonably successful root experience.

Still need to sort through what I want to do with loader, soft keys, etc, etc.

I'm half tempted to reset back to stock, and root it with out auto-noot, just for the experience.


Staff member
Jan 21, 2011
You will probably have many opportunities to reset to stock and start over...

Not sure why, but this made me laugh out loud for the first time since RaVenJ talked about licking cereal boxes.