Autonooter 3.0.0 neutered my Nook 1.1.0


Apr 25, 2011
I am now unable to boot my color Nook. Here's what I did:

(1) I followed the instructions at NookColor Rooting - nookDevs as far as I could, downloading Autonooter 3.0.0. My Nook was at software rev 1.1.0.

(2) At burn step #3 I entered the command: dd if=~/Desktop/auto-nooter-3.0.0.img of=/dev/rdisk3 bs=1m

(3) At post-burn step #3, I followed the instructions for Auto-Nooter 3.0.0 with B&N NC ver. 1.1.

(4) At a certain point I was asked to select between Home and Softkeys. I selected Softkeys. This dialog was not mentioned in the post-burn steps.

(5) I found that the menu icon didn't work in the Youtube app. Searching around, I saw a recommendation for rebooting the Nook, though that recommendation was for someone who had used an earlier nooter. So I powered down the Nook (pressing the power off button at length), unplugged the Nook from the computer, and attempted to power up again by pressing the Nook power button, both briefly and at length. It wouldn't boot.

(6) I attempted removing the microSD card from the Nook and booting both while attached and unattached to the computer. Nada. I then re-inserted the microSD card and and plugged the Nook back into the computer. Nada (even after 20 minutes). I then pressed the power button on the Nook (briefly and at length). Still nada.

Any suggestions for me? Did I brick my brand new Nook? Thanks for your help!

Its virtually impossible to break the NC with software modifying.

Take the sd card out, and leave it out since it's what you used to format the autonooter rooting program. With the autonooter sd formated card install, the NC will not boot.

-recharge a bit and then boot
Never mind. I came back to give it another try, and now it's booting. It is plugged into the computer with the microSD card in place, and I held the power button down at length until the light on the Nook power cord flickered. Also, the Youtube menu is now working, so I'll proceed with the instructions from there.