Given an archos 7 home tablet.


Dec 16, 2010
I was given an archos 7 home tablet. It running android 1.5, I would like to upgrade it to 2.1 or better and or root it.
Mod. a70hb
firm 1.0.15
kernel 2.6.65

I just need to know where to find out how to do these thing, and how to do them.

You will not be able to. The processor and model was never designed to move beyond Android 1.5. The crime (Big Box stores) is they sell them alongside better units for the same money.

I am sorry. You can do your research here, by using the search field, or visit other locations on the web (archosfans) and discover the same
There has been some hope in the custom ROMs area, but dev work has been dead silent because of viable alternatives now on the market.

Flash the custom ROM. It will improve your experience of the device greatly. I'd use the one by 'Himself':

The ROM is not easy to root. The platform, in fact.