Given an x210 7inch pad


Sep 21, 2010
OK so I have been given a x210 CPU tablet that was running 2.3.3, thing is the previous owner flashed it with a WM8650 2.2 ROM.

I tried to do a factory firmware via TF card but it will not work.
This could be me as Im not good at this :(

I CANNOT do it via USB as it will not accept the usb/ethernet adaptor :(

Can someone help me reflash with stock rom.

Right I think its an Eken M010 tablet but not 100%

at work we have the exact same tablet, I know same as from same supplier.
Can I copy/clone the OS from that onto the other one?

Details from the working tablet:

Model: M799ca V2.0
Android: 2.3.3
Baseband: unknown
Kernel: neville@neville-desktop #4
Build: m799ca-eng2.3.3 GRI40 eng.petter.20111128.170033 test-keys

If any one can help I'd be very very grateful.