GPS receiver addon?

Oct 18, 2010
Was wondering if anyone knew of a GPS receiver addon (Usb?) that could be attached to an andriod tablet to make use of the naviagtion apps that generally use a built in GPS receiver.

Very interested if such a thing could be done with one of the new Archos tablets that don't have GPS built in.
as far as I'm aware this is not possible. That would be great though! if you happen to try let us know on here
This is not possbile with almost all (99.9%) Android Tablets. It would be better to purchase an Android Tablet with GPS already integrated. The issue is the GPS drivers and core software must be available and installed. It is not like Windows or Mac OS where you just load the drivers. The core elements must be integrated. A Developer or Firmware "cook" might be able to provision a tablet with it. but it would not be able to just install a GPS unit and software with the current generation of Tablets.

Sorry, Think single purpose. Also it is how Android is put together (I mean the OS not the tablet)
The Advent Vega tablet as supplied, with Android 2.2, does not support GPS.
If you upgrade it with Vegacomb, the Vega specific version of Android 3.2
Honeycomb, then it will support USB GPS dongles. See the Vegacomb
discussion thread on for a list of supported dongles
Now that a year has passed since this thread started....
Any chance for ICS supporting USB GPS?
I got Novo 7 A and would leap at the chance to have GPS too.
Thanks to all that reply.....