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Mar 24, 2011
I found Graffiti For Android NetFront Life | Mobile Apps for Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad today! This Huawei S7 is probably one of the few tablets that can use this alternate text input method, since we use a stylus. I have used PDAs for several years, and find this much easier, AND Faster, to use than the on-screen keyboards. There are both free ad supported and paid ad free versions available on the Android Market and Amazon Market.

After you install if, go into Settings then Language and Keyboards and place a check mark on Graffiti. Then the next time you need to enter text, press and hold your stylus on the text input location and click Input Method then click Graffiti. Graffiti will then be the default text entry method. If you want to switch back to the keyboard, repeat that last step and select your keyboard.

This is my first paid app for the tablet. I love it!


Jun 20, 2012
Does Huawei s7 serve the purpose as PDA of old time? like spreadsheet, word, contacts etc.

Tom T

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Feb 18, 2011
I've been using graffiti for a few months now on my Galaxy Tab 7 plus, you really don't need a resistive screen to use it, I would say it works just as good on either platform (I have it installed on my S7 as well, I was fortunate to get the pro version for free on Amazon). I now often use a Pogo sketch Pro stylus with my 7 plus and it really is just like the old Palm days, although it works great with finger input as well. For anyone that used and loved the Palm platform this is a must have, and for those that haven't used the Palm its worth the moderate learning curve it requires to get the most out of this input method.
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