New Guy


Dec 16, 2011
Another old guy checking in; hoping to learn more about Tablets and Android in general.

Got a Pandigital Novel 9" last year and the wife gave me her Nextbook 7", so learning as I go.

I will be stepping up to a newer 10" after the new year, I'm sold on the tablet idea.

A long, fun road from my 'Trash80' and Commodore 64...

Thanks for letting me join in.
Congrats and welcome. The LePan tablets seem to be very popular at budget prices you might want to try checking our this section to start Le Pan Tablets.

If budget is not an issue there are some really good 10" choices and I am sure you will get a few opinions on what to get.

Hi Bokonon, welcome to Android Tablets and congratulations on the new tablet. Glad you decided to join us as a member of the forum