Haipad M701 Firmware upgrade Process

There is a Group for M701/M701-R with Firmware Flashing instructions and links to Firmware Update downloads. The firmware updates also come with both English and Chinese Word .doc files (with screenshots) showing the process step-by-step. That being said, those instructions are incorrect for how to get the tablet into update mode and the file name they say to add to FDWN may be slightly different.
Whatever you do, follow the instructions EXACTLY! After backing up the NAND DATA.FAI I put in the wrong NAND DATA.FAI in the first time from a different directory, not knowing any better, and nearly bricked my unit. I downloaded the M701_2.3 from one of the links on the forum, and tried again, this time using the NAND DATA.FAI that I backed up and voila, now I'm updated to 2.3. Also make sure, BEFORE YOU START, to get your MAC address from your unit and WRITE IT DOWN, you will need the numbers, or you will stiff your wireless in the new update. The instructions tell you what numbers you need and where to put them (Tools/Options). You have to extrapolate the actual numbers from your unique MAC address. They may be different from the instructions (mine were). Don't panic when the system reboots itself and displays the calibration screen in Chinese. You change the region and language and you will get your language (in my case English). The keyboard displays in English but the shift and return keys are in Chinese though. Still trying to figure out how to fix that.
So happy that post helped. I reflashed my unit and now my keyboard is back to full English. Found out the hard way my unit is the Samsung version. Thank you for posting the link, and thanks to MalaRom for writing it.
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