Haipad M701R - An Android Tablet with an Infrared Remote and HDMI?


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Jul 9, 2010

Finally, someone has implemented a remote control with an Android tablet! This is the Haipad M701R, a variant of the M701 (also known as the G10). Combined with hdmi out, this functionality gets to be more interesting.

We found this video on Shanzhaiben to show off what this looks like:

Not sure how the reliable this implementation is, but the video shows that the device does work.

With the HDMI port, remote control, g-sensor and multitouch resistive panel, this is one of the most feature complete Android tablets on the market today. It will come with the Telechips TCC8902 ARM11 processor and other features of the MID701.

The remote control seems to have the basic Android buttons, allowing for basic navigation within Android.

Refer to our ongoing discussion thread for the device for specifications and other details of the sister device, the Haipad M701.

Hopefully this leads to more manufacturers bundling this type of functionality in future Android devices.




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Costs per unit are 850RMB and up. Use this as a point of reference.
Anyone knows if this got built in speakers and/or microphone, plus does HDMI stream audio to tv. No details on this anywhere. Last but not least, can you play youtube videoes wia built in youtube app?
i received a new batch and i uploaded a video yesterday on youtube.

pros: browsing is great plus the new "pitch to zoom" option.
android market works great
video playback very smooth and snappy
hdmi out impressive, video playback and sound sync works great on a tv.
g-sensor comes in handy for 3d games
google maps street view works very well.
cons: the only odd thing is the design of the device's micro sd card slot. the sd card only goes in half way.
camera is the same as every other android device out there.
touch screen supports 2 point touch but it's still resistive
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sorry, i just replied to a thread above but the one i have does not have a remote.
it does have HDMI out port that works very well and synchronized.
How wierd the SD slot? Is it the same on all, that is a major problem?

If this is the case mines straight on ebay, a shame
Unfortunatly no.. Check the first photos from shanzai aswell. You need good eyes but the card sticks out. How the heck can they get this trough a quality control team *DOH*
Now there finally is a version with HDMI out but we have to wait for batch 2 (if it ever arrives) for a fixed micro SD slot.

Was never aware of this. But without the device we can only see so much. That's just too bad.