Haipad MID701 Not Charging


Jan 18, 2011
I recently purchased a Haipad MID701 7inch tablet which I love and is awesome. Recently I have been getting an issue with charging it. I plug it in and it wont charge it shows the icon like its charging but when I unplug it it powers off. I wonder if its actually the device or the plug in. I has been working great and charging normally just not anymore. I would hate to send it back as I just got it and have been enjoying it.

Anyone else have this same issue?

I had installed a couple of Battery WIdgets but uninstalled them thinking that they be causing this issue.
Valkyr, I'm having the same problem with the M1001.

By any chance, have you upgraded the firmware recently. I did about about 10d ago, and installed an automatic task killer and BatteryImprove to increase battery life. It worked for a while, and then, this.

Let's hope we're not left hanging in the wind on this :)

have you tried draining the battery all the way and then giving it a full 12 hour charge? if yes then it sounds like it might be the charger it self. I have this issue when i use my car charger with the car off. it shows the phone as charging but when i check the battery percentage it is going down. Do it seems like the charger isnt giving enough juice to the device anymore
I'm having the same problem and I don't know why and when it started. I can only turn it on when it is plugged in, but when pull the plug, it shuts down. Besides that the charde LED won't turn on, when plugged in. Did anyone found a solution?
No fix for this?
Hi I have a haipad M701 and my charger broke. I have tried other chargers, but the tablet won't charge :(. I have tried Ebay but still, i unable to a replacement charger. I even tried to charge via USB, no joy.
If anyone cannot let me know where i buy one because i don't want to buy a new haipad.
Hi you can buy the following charger from the Babikenshop.
Replacement power adaptor, power charger for 10 infotmic Tablet power adaptor, power charger for 10.2 Inch Android 2.2 Tablet PC w/ Infortm X220 [BI-C102] - $4.80 : Babiken-shop, One-stop Consumer Electronics from China - China quadband triband dual I made an earlier post, but it was for the wrong ac adaptor. I even ordered a second one and it incorrect.
So use the link above for the one that compatible with the Haipad or G pad etc.