Hello From Ventura California


Dec 16, 2010
Hi I'm Misterwally and am very happy to find some Android tablet folks. I've been following the soon to be released Adam from Notion Ink. I actually pre-ordered and then canceled the order because there were too many hiccups happening in getting that bad boy off the ground. I still may end up purchasing one, but I'm in the hide and watch mode just to see how things work out. In the meantime I've picked up Huawei s7 to help quench my thirst for a tablet to play with.

It goes without saying I'm a computer geek, but not good enough to cook roms and such, but can handle following instructions pretty well. I build all my home PC's and stick with windows there. I like to play guitar, write songs for fun and record all my demos using Sonar on Pc. I'm kinda anti Apple but will show love to anyone that likes technology.

I'm pretty sure I'll be hanging around here a lot. Peace and Love to all...:cool::cool:


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Nov 26, 2010
Hey there Misterwally:

Your just up the road a bit from me.. down here in San Diego. Welcome to the forum.. and have fun with your tablets! :)