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Nov 10, 2010
glad i found this community because i ended up purchasing my epad / zenithink zt-180 on a recent trip to shanghai, china.

1. if you think you can outbargain those guys try
PC Mall: 721 ZhangYang Road or the metro stop at shanghai science and technology museum. frankly after all my work i would have been better off doing a deal off ebay.

2. like everybody else my version came without android market so i upgraded to the 1020 version firmware. it also corrected the issue where i could not connect up to a wifi with wep security. funny it worked out of the box in shanghai but they were using wpa2.

3. no more questions about the ten best apps. just get "appbrain" and you can see what are the popular apps everybody is downloading

4. unless they get skype working this will not be my goto device for international travel. i ended up using skype on my apple iphone to keep in touch with the outside world and it saved me since both my iphone and samsung galaxy s was not jailbrokened to take a chinese sim card besides at skype charging 2.3 cents minute big deal