Viewsonic G Tablet Problems


Jan 25, 2011
Hi all, this is my first time posting goes...! I have a Viewsonic G Tablet that I can not figure out what the deal is with it!! I have read many forums and other sites instructions before registaring for this one. First off, I have donr the Nvflash with no luck. The screen pops up on start up like it should and goes to the "Viewsonic" screen ten the "G Tablet" screen and then goes to the TnT screen for about 2 seconds and starts flickering, then it goes black but its still running. I have only had this thing for about a week now and I am about ready to burn it!!:mad: Any suggestions, it has been rooted and I tried to install Cyanogen 6.1 beta 4 but I put it on the internal sdcard instead of the external and now its messing up TnT. Guess my question is, is there a start over process I could try besides or to fix cause I cant get either to work?? PLS HELP
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Take a look at my thread here in the Viewsonic forum on how to root and flash.