Help Detecting Model of Device - 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty


Sep 29, 2010

Before I begin I did read the intro forums that explain the steps into discovering what model your epad is.

1) It does not have an Android Market, it has an 'App Market' but I did not find "Android System Info" or "ASI" when I searched
2) I do not know how to install an APK. I assume its through a memory card but not sure what process to take (is it as simple as just putting it in? if so, which file do I need from :

I have a strong background in computer science so you don't need to speak in layman's terms

Here is all the info I grabbed from it
256mb memory
Model number : generic
Firmware: 1.6
Kernel: 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
Build # : 1.9

What I need to do
1) Update the firmware if available
2) Install Andriod Market
3) Root it (if possible)

Thanks for the help!


I believe its the ePad 7" Touch MID android but I still need a way to find more system info about it
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Does it have ports like this:



Ethernet LAN 10/100, USB STick and WD Passport 250GB SATA II USB External HDD can be powered by this tablet

Does it look like this:

7" Generic ePad, also known iPed (aka aPad, iRobot) Android OS v1.6 Build 1.9.xx (note button color is silver or (black not shown)

Firmware is called ROM here it's also can be lets say Rooted (you know get to the heart of hardware)
What CPU is it?

Wonder Media Technology (WM = Wonder Media Technology (aka WMT) also under the VIA group)
WM8505 is 300MHz it can be OC to 350MHz max range is 387.3MHz to 400MHz

VT8505 (400MHz) OC to 450MHz max range is 533MHz

Now ROM most current and stable is Build 1.9_88 and rooted.
There is Build 2.01 being worked on.
All these versions are still Android OS 1.6.
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Thank you good sir, works like a charm

FYI I tried using the "Android System Info" BEFORE doing the steps you mentioned and it still said 'generic' for all my settings, I'll check again to have a look at it!

Hi, I have the exact same model and would like to head down the rooting path with the hope of gaining access to the Android Market. It looks like the important steps are missing from post #2 is it possible to repost them or PM them. Many thanks,,,,Jim
You have to use one of the Rooted ROM the latest one is posted in the thread. Download unzip the file copy and the script folder to your microSD card. Insert it back into your tablet then connect power and turn it on. Follow the screen for the next step.
this is probably an old thread but i want to ask a question,
i have tried to flash the above mantioned ROM , got it done successfully but when the device boot up it gives me an error that the system stop reponding and stuck

any help>
can anyone provide a link to a rom update for this? I'm getting frustrated at the firmware 1.6 and how unresponsive it is. any version higher than this would be better I think. I don't like the "App Market" on it either. not really anything in it thats worth downloading. Thank you in advance for any response.
i have the exact model of this table. i dunno if i'm in the right thread...pls. bare w/ me

256mb memory
Model number : generic
Firmware: 1.6
Kernel: 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
Build # : 1.9.88

it's not working anymore. I was downloading some games at App. Market, browsing the net..i noticed the battery icon says its charging but w/o battery. i shut it down, open again icon still the same..after a minute it totally shut off. i tried to open it luck. i charge it..start it up again and android logo pops out...loading for a while...then black screen. Please help! i dunno wat the problem it the battery, system or charger :(

I was browsing this topic since I have a cooresponding Apad:

256mb memory
Model number : generic
Firmware: 1.6
Kernel: 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
Build # :WMT2.0_105

I would really like to get access to the Google Market, does anyone know if there is a ROM for my type/build?
I would like the same help please, I have searched and searched but am not confident that what I have read is correct but this is my device. my app market doesnt work it comes up with a forced close after it had problems and it rebooted itself.

I am looking for a more recent firmware, not fussed about the market as apparently its not that good, but I would like to watch videos and browse the internet both of which are painfully slow at the moment.
I have the APAD you show in the pictures above.

256mb memory
Model number : generic
Firmware: 1.6
Kernel: 2.6.29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
Build # :WMT2.0_105

is there a new build? / firmware that will work on this device???? Seems like a good tablet but there are some issues with functionality. The touch pad responds very slowly to touch but the stylist is fast response. App Market is very limited even with downloading other app markets there are major limitations. please advise if there is any way to improve this unit, I am way to cheap to use Apple products and who wants a windows product???? no thanks.

The careful administrator
has anyone found any place to get for these tablets???? a nice cover is all I can found out there, the battery life as you know is limited to an hour or two if your lucky.
battery problem, same with me try to change battery first, works perfect to me
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hello sir, im new here, same with the model ePad 7" Touch MID android i have, can i ask questions??
1. can this be upgradeable?? if yes can you teach me
2. is this a flytouch model?? its says MODEL NUMBER : :""GENERIC""

thank you!!