help for a stupid person


Oct 28, 2010
ok so I might have done somethinng stupid, but out of desperation I did it. so I copied auto-nooter to my microsd card on my blackberry torch. It went on with no problems. next I followed the instructions per the developer website, but the part where I hook up my nook to the computer, after I install my sd card into my nook, but nothing happend. the nook didnt re-boot. This rooting thing is killing me, please help!
duke remember the screen will stay black after you run the autonooter. Was it connected to your PC when you booted it? Either way, if it's been a while, just take out the sdcard and reboot. If you get a new boot screen with a little droid in the corner then it's all good!

ok following the instructions, everything is perfect except is doesnt boot up, after the computer doesnt load the nook's drivers. the sd card has all the programs it's supposed to have on it. I just dont understand what I am doing wrong.
If it didn't boot correctly then the next thing I'd suggest is getting your hands on an external card reader and redoing the sdcard. Which program did you use to create the disk image, by the way?

The funny thing the card shows that all of the files are all what they should be on the card.
No, I mean which app did you use to write the autonooter file, WinImage or Win32DiskImager? As you probably saw, there's a recommendation against using a cell phone to write the file.

Either way, I'd suggest you check out NookColor Rooting - nookDevs and give it another try from scratch!

Duke, what gadget was asking, is what program did you use to put the iso on the sd card...(ie winimage, etc.)
Sorry guys this all new to me. I used win32disk
Ah, great. That's definitely the better choice (easier and quicker). Maybe darmeen can take a look at the cell phone issue, and give us some advice? He is the one who did with a phone and a pocket knife. ;)

But duke my sense though is even if the files look OK, it needs to be able to boot the Nook. Maybe there's a hidden file or file permission that isn't set correctly when you use your phone to write the image?

yea no big deal I am going to get a sd card reader tommorow, they are only like 14$
For five bucks more you get a class 6 8gb with micro usb adapter...mine will be in on monday. I think the torch's os may be effecting the file transfer. It seems it might be a bit more 'smart' than the impression.

Make sure that the phone is set as usb mass storage when you hook it to your pc.

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