Help me find a OS android 1.5 software !!!!


Sep 20, 2010
Good afternoon am a new to the area of Android. Recently I bought an Android Tablet PC-aPad-MID - Wifi -7 "TFT Touch Screen - Rockchips RK2808 Processor-600MHZ - 2G-ARM 11 (SMQ5453). The device contains a means android 1.5. For my bad luck, I have a friend, he told me, i can update my android 1.5 to 2.1. The upgrade does not work and now my apad cant open it. Can you tell me how to put the old version (android 1.5)? Least how can do to work on my apad???


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Aug 6, 2010
There are different models of Android APAD. If you can provide link or picture, it will help identify which Rockchip APAD you have.
Also, you may want to email or go to the vendor who sold you unit. They may understand and provide you link to download original firmware.

If we do not know the APad, we may give bad advice. The more information the better. Also visit the Rockchip forum on this site. You may find your APad and the newest compatible firmware.

Best of Luck


May 3, 2010
If it indeed is the aPad you have in your hands, HiApad is a good resource for ROMs and help in finding out exactly what version (if any) of the aPad it is. There are at least 3 different versions, all with different ROMs.