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Jul 30, 2010
Just got back from another week of training and everyone and their MOTHER had
1) an iPhone
2) an iTunes player
3) or the new iPad....actually there were a LOT of these

So I sat down with one of our prominent Investors and asked him how he uses his iPad to work on his deals. He said that he mainly uses it to look up properties on various websites to determine value, then he uses an online web application to evaluate the properties and see statistics. He also uses it to remote in to his desktop (macPro) at home to get files uploaded to his iShare and then down loaded to his iPad where many of them have been converted to digital pdf documents which he can now fill out on his iPad. To conclude all of his work he can digitally sign a great many of the documents and they are accepted by banks as originals.

I thought WoW what a great tool, only problem, no camera to update his online site with a current image, so he must whip out his iPhone to do that.

Because his Real Estate strategy is different from mine I would use different applications that are on the web to process my pre-foreclosure and short sale clients. However the iPad just doesn't cut it for my real world scenario as I need multiple sites open along with PDF docs that typically grow to 200 pages for my work....so more memory is required and preferably a SSD drive or a SDCard slot for constant backup...another two short comings of the iPad. Since I use skype a lot I would need a 3mp+ camera, prefer 5mp+ camera to shoot property visits.

It seems that so far Flat Computing's A-10, is leading the way with what I'll need, but it seems to be still needing more and with its price point so low, it could afford to hit a $495 street price and ad in
- more active memory 2gig
- more storage memory 64gig just to be competitive with iPad, but would like to see 120-160gig
- faster processor (maybe dual core, power/load sensing Intel perhaps 1.4ghz+)
- another camera
- USB 3.0 with external recovery if the screen gets damaged
- upping the power to 8+ hours
- active GPS (very handy for us Real Estate Investors) with spoken turn directions
- blue tooth 3.0
- 1/8" audio jacks
- HDMI in/out
- SD or MicroSD capacity to 128gig (they are coming)
- serviceable/replaceable battery
- max .75in deep, but I think it can go to the iPad's 0.5" depth
- no more than 1.7-1.9 pounds

Or do you guys think I am out of my mind? The Holly Grail of tablets...oh wait I said nothing of 3D graphics, but that would be a perk, even a thumb print reader for access. Personally what I have described would be a dream in my industry and pretty much anyone who must do sales or constant CRM updates.

Come on tablet makers we need to see a truly competitive Android tablet before the Holidays!!!