Hi all. I've just joined


Jan 4, 2011
Just joined here after looking through a few threads. This seems to be the most comprehensive tablet site i've come across.

I am looking for a tablet.
I work offshore where only a small number of the rigs have wifi access, so im looking for a tablet with the ability to connect ethernet. Either with RJ45 port or with the USB converter.
Are the USB-RJ45 converters any good? And how many tablets have this ability?

I think it would have to be android, to get the best apps for communicating with friends. But maybe someone could correct me on that if i'm wrong?

One tablet I was looking at was the Flytouch II, and it's many variant names.
Looks a decent, cheap tab and hits all the bases with connection ports. (HDMI, micro SD, USB etc) However, the hardware inside seems to be very minimal and from a little research any hardware upgrades (Ram and HD) would be above my brain function. Also doesn't do flash, skype etc.

Price isn't really a problem but I don't want to spend £800 if I can get something that fits my needs for £200. Obviously.

I also saw the new viewsonic 10. It has Dual OS, win7 and android, couldn't find if it is possible to connect ethernet though. Also dual OS could be bad idea.

Can anyone suggest any other Tabs that would suit me??

Thanks in advance everyone.
Fwauba -

First, welcome to the Forum! The main recommendation that I am going to give you is since you don't have to get the cheapest tablet on the market, go for one in the £200 - £400 range, but unless you are a techno-geek that likes to flash and hack your device avoid the bottom of the line devices. While they have a lot of hardware features, you are going to run into issues with support and upgrades that being out on a rig will make it a challenge to get serviced.

I would also recommend going with a device either from a major provider or from a major manufacturer that will give you some ability to either get support or upgrades. As far as ethernet, it depends a lot on the tablet and if there are specific drivers for the device, but is it possible for you to just get a WiFi router that you could plug into the ethernet cable instead of plugging in your device? these are pretty cheap now (less than £50) and very easy and reliable to set up, and if you have an ethernet jack you are all set.

Good luck, and there are plenty of recommendations on this site!


Gives me something to look at and some more options.
A small wifi router might be a better option and just use my phone, that starts with an i. Sorry for swearing.

Kinda want a tab now though.............lol
Would like to see what android and the android market is like compared to the overpriced competition.

thanks again
Nothing wrong with the iPhone. I have an Android Smartphone (HTC Incredible) and love it, but I just use it very differently than i do the tablet. I think you should look at a tablet, keep the phone, and hook up the wifi.

I think I'll go for the FlytouchII for now. It's a decent cheap machine.
I can mess around with it, rooting/flashing etc. If I break it, it's only £120.
I'm kinda taking a chance and hoping the FW can be updated in the very near future, mainly for flash.

I like the look of the Herotab MID816.
I really like the spec of the Herotab M10. Just a little too new for me just now, i'll wait and see some reviews etc.

In a few months I'll see whats new. From what Ive been reading there could be a heap of new machines Q1 2011.

There absolutely will be plenty of new machines coming in the next couple of months. Honestly though, the big change is going to be when the next full release of Android hits as that is supposed to be focused toward the tablet form factor, and I honestly don't see that until Q2 at the earliest.

Yeah, think i'll go with a cheapo now and see what Android 3.0 (I think it's gonna be 3.0) does to the new tabs when released.
I can wait till Q2 or even H2 if I have something to play with in the mean time.