Dec 9, 2010
im located in texas. joined here to lurk around and seek information to help make a choice on a tablet to get for xmas, now it seems that i am going to most likely be holding out to january or february since these things seem to be getting better every week now. initially i was going to purchase the g tablet locally since my budget is $300-500 but, now it seems im going to wait around and see how the notion ink reviews trickle out, or wait for this mysterious sexy motorola tablet on verizon to pop up. i think this place makes me more indecisive then decisive since there is so much more out there than i knew. i am seeking a tablet with the current best available processor (t2 or such) so i can do some gaming, moderate movie watching, and mainly just cloud associated apps. this will most likely be replacing my asus 1000he netbook for everyday usuage on my college campus.


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Nov 26, 2010
hi there jbby:

I'll be in Texas (from San Diego, CA) next Monday visiting family. BTW.. welcome to the forum! After I get a few "to mess around with tablets" I'll be setting aside about $400 to mess around with a more high end tablet. I have a very nice netbook, but I would rather have a nice capacitive touch screen tablet.