home surf 8 PLEASE HELP


Apr 3, 2012
Hi everyone finally thought id ask someone else for some help, i bought a binatone homesurf 8 the other day, which is my first tablet. On bringing it home i realised that the android 1.6 that is running on it is rubbish as 1.6 goes (cant even view youtube due to outdated flash drivers that cant be updated). i have been researching for the last few days on what to do with it. I cant find anything on the homesurf 8 just the homesurf 7 which from what i can understand has its firmware installed on an internal micro sd but unlike the 7, the 8 has no obvious ways to get into it with out damaging it. So please someone help i need a newer version of android but cant even root this thing so any help is much appreciated how to root disassemble hack anything at all