How to enable?


Jul 28, 2016
Hi Guys,

I have 8 inch 16GB SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB A and its model is SM-T350. It has Android 6.0.1 version.

When I connect the above Tab to Windows7 laptop, it says automatically that “An MTP connection will be established to access the data on the connected device.


I clicked ALLOW.

After that, I copied an editable MICROSOFT WORD 2007 file,saved as WORD 97-2003 DOCUMENT, from laptop and pasted it on the above Tab which has 16.0.7030.1017 WORD version. It says that “your device might not be able play or view this file.

I can see the copied file on the document of the Tab through DEVICES WITH REMOVABLE STORAGE ON WINDOWS7, but I cannot view the same file in the word document of the Tab.

What is the problem actually and what is the solution to it?