[HOW TO] Root Coby Kyros 1126 ICS 4.0.3 (WorkInProgress)


Nov 12, 2012
After you downloaded all these files, put them in your tablet memory, on the /SDcard directory (It didnt work in mine if I put them on an external SD card)

When I tried this, it didn't want to work with any of the .zip files in my /SDcard directory. It would only work with files on the external card. The problem is- My tablet, even though it is a Kyros MID1126 4G won't work with an SDcard. The second I insert one, it turns into a brick. When I remove the card, everything works fine again. When you got to the screen where you select the jcase_rootme file, did it also reflect that it was in your /SDcard directory? Does anybody know if it's possible to force the recovery routine to use files in the /SDcard folder?