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Aug 9, 2010
Hello from Texas. I'm a techie and RPG enthusiast that uses virtual tabletops to keep in touch and game with my friends of 30 years. (history for anyone interested)

I have a bookshelf full of technical manuals and RPG books and have recently started buying only pdfs. The normal eBook readers don't do well with PDFs so I would like a nice portable reader that has a large enough screen for my middle-aged eyes. I'm a Google fan, own an Android phone, and have decided to look into Android tablets for the reader.



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Jun 30, 2010
Welcome, and if your just going to use the android tablet for a pdf reader/ ebook reader any tablet will do really. and there are alot of free and paid apps in the market for reading pdf's and other ebooks. but i dont know if you have heard of parallel kingdoms its a mmrpg which i have been playing on my droid and its a blast, i havent tried it on a tablet but it might be something to look into. also check out they have some great tablets for great prices
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