I could really use some help


Jan 21, 2011
Ok, to start I am not good with computers and i have just recived a Android 2.1 Tablet C-MID-7""Touch Screen-Track Ball-ARM11-Rockchip2818-800MHZ-256MB-4G-Wifi. i have two very important quastions
1. there is a thing called battery standby on the device and it is kill 70-80% of my battery life is there any way to fix this?
2. My tablet is having a very hard time downloading apps, I think this my be because of my firmware v1.02.09-2010.11.22 do i need to update and if so how do I do that
If anyone can help it would be amazing
Thank You
Welcome, for your first issue try turning air plane mode on that might help the stand by issue. And for the second question each tablet is different on how you flash a new firmware so just do a search for your specific tablet and see what you can find

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Thank you very much for replying

I have tried turing airplane mode on but it does not work, it just takes me to a screen asking me if i want to turn my wifi off. Does this have something to do with the frimwear?

And as for finding frimwear updates its like finding a needle in a haystack, I have been looking for 3 days with little to no luck is there a site that you recommend ?

thank you again
Oh here is the site where i got the tablet and all its info
Android 2.1 Tablet C-MID-7Touch Screen-Track Ball-ARM11-Rockchip2818-800MHZ-256MB-4G-Wifi-G-sensor-HDMI(SMQ5851) - US$ 149.99
what yo need to do now is find out what the model is, that will help alot because just knowing the memory and processor wont help you find a rom you need a model for that
all right I got the model number and other things about the device

Model Number- TR718D
Andriod Version-2.1
Firmware Verision -v1.02.09-2010.11.22_english
Kernel Version- 2.6.25
Build Number- V0.18.ECLAIR.English.R.zmg.20101112.142908

This is my first post on this forum but I hope this is the first of a lot...

I have the same model but I have another problem my tablet hangs on the message WElCOME.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks and regards