I'm new here, keep the flame on low please


Jan 12, 2011
I have found myself immersed in Android device forums since I got my Android phone. Now I want an Android tablet. Since my HTC Aria is rooted, (my wife's too), I know the advantages of rooting. Do the same advantages exist with tablets? Referring to Nandroid backups, SetCPU, removing bloatware, adb. What higher level tablets can be rooted and take advantage of these benefits?

I see that there are dozens of devices to chose from, and more coming as evidenced by CES2011. I definately want one with USB (host and slave) and a decent internal storage capacity. The only one I see with a HDD is the Archos 70. Any others doing that, or is it all flash?

I use Tasker for dozens of profiles on my Phone. Are there practical uses for Tasker on Android tablets as well?

Yes, I did search, but so many threads get off topic and longwinded. If you have a thread or forum that better answers my questions, please redirect me.

Thank you