Impossible Scenario


Nov 15, 2010
Hello all
I just bought from ebay an apad with the touchscreen faulty. It was 50pounds... so i thinking it to repair it, it was used and the owner said that it no longer works. OK, i started to get into it. On his page description, was wrong info. Touchscreen doesn't work at all. I tried using a usb mouse to mini-usb. It works, but when i try to calibrate with - come's up with calibration error, try again. Ok, then i used an keyboard so i can get into the apad, when i plugged into second mini-usb port the mouse it didn't work. Even if i connect 2nd mini-usb port to PC it doesn't recognize it, only on the first one. I was able to see the correct system info and model number:

Red LED - 5V/Batch 2
Model Number: aPad
Firmware version: Unknown [Bingo! maybe this will be the cause that touchscreen and usb doesn't work.]
Kernel version: 2.6.25 rockchip version 1.2.7 (ruiguan)
Build number: RK-1.3.2.eng.root.20100512.140303
And when it boots up, after the Linux left-top disappears, it comes up with a screen saying: A N D R O I D. I'm sure is Android 1.5

Now, I know how to flash it, but... i plugged the usb cable to first usb port and to PC. Windows installs drivers correctly, everything perfect. Once finished, on the apad it prompts up with "Mount" or "Cancel". Ohh.. touchscreen doesn't work, no input from mouse or keyboard because the 2nd usb port doesn't work. HOW?! Now.. i was thinking about copy some files from firmware image, system.img etc. I didn't find anything there, i didn't understand it too much.. another thing i was thinking is to create an app in java or something else to auto-mount when it prompts. I have done so far, but i'm not a Android developer.:-( PLease if someone can help me done the usb auto-mount and from there will be easy



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Oct 5, 2010
I don't have one of those tablets, but it was my understanding that on the ones with 2 mini-USB ports one of the ports is only for "OTG" use (adb, firmware flashing, mounting as flash drive to transfer files) and the other USB port is only as a "host" for a very limited selection of USB devices (flash drives, keyboards, and mice - but pretty much nothing else, and no USB Hubs either so you're limited to 1 device at a time).