In the market for new tablet


Junior Member
Mar 27, 2015
Hello, I am a new user to this forum. I am in the market for a new tablet. I am looking for a decent 8 to 10" screen in the price range of around $100 to $150. I don't want to spend any more than that. I know there are many options but the main one than I have a question about is most that I have looked at on the web show 1G ram and 32gb of storage. My android phone has 8gb internal storage and 32 gb sd card. My main problem is many apps won't let you transfer them to the SD card so my 8gb gets filled up quickly and I'm always out of room sometimes forcing me to delete an app to install something else.
Now if I get a tablet that says 1gb ram and 32gb storage what does that really mean? Me being unfamiliar with tablets I am basically clueless in this matter. I would appreciate anyone with answers and maybe suggestions on a good reliable tablet.
Thanks in advance.