Is Anyone Else Having Problems With Photos Being Deleted In Emails?


Sep 25, 2011
My tablet deletes photos that are attached to emails before they are sent. This happens with my Yahoo and GMail accounts.I bought this to use in my business and I am sending and receiving photos all the time. This tablet is turning into being useless for my business. please let me know if this has happened to you. Thanks!
I just sent myself a photo from my GMail account via my Tab and it worked perfectly. Could it be the accounts you are sending the photos to are blocking the photos? Some spam filters block attachments. I can tell you it's not the Tablet though.
okay, I just received several emails from an I PHONE that were photos. My Motorola RAZR phone displays them just fine, but when I opened my emails on my tablet the paper clip was shown but the but page was blank on all of them! I do not get it and have checked all settings.The tablet used to delete all my photos that were forwarded but luckily the tablet was replaced. Now this tablet is back to doing the samethin and it just irritates me since I use for business and customers reply no photos attached. The photos were attached out of the gallery and when hit send a short time later in bottom right corner says photo deleted and not sent. Any ideas or experiences? Thanks!
maybe you're tablet does not delete them but this one does with YAHOO AND GMAIL. I checked all the settings a they are correct. Thanks!
Maybe you are tapping something accidentally and deleting the images before sending? I'm not sure what to tell you. Sending images from the gallery via my tablet works just fine and so does receiving images. . I haven't seen any other complaints about this either. If you are having a problem receiving images via your GMail account, tap settings and then Hide pictures in messages. You might have turned that on by mistake.